Our Beliefs

The sacred Scripture: The Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired and its a record of the revelation that God does himself to mankind. It's a perfect treasure of divine instructions. The author is God, his mission salvation and his subject is truth with no mixture of errors. It reveals the principles by which God judges; and therefore is, the supreme rule by human conduct.

The real God: There is only one real and truthful God. Is a personal being, intelligent, and spiritual, the creator, the redeemer, keeper, and the Governor of the universe, God infinite in Holiness, and in every perfection. God is eternal he reveals the same Father,  Son and Holy Spirit, that being the same divine equality plays different roles they are unisons on the works of redemption.

Saved by Grace: It is free to everyone by the faith in Christ. It is not dependent on good works that man can do. It is received by faith in JesusChrist the only mediator between God and people, the lamb of God that removes the sin out of the world.

Regeneration: Is a new birth and the works of the Holy Spirit on the heart of man.

Repentance and Faith: They are indispensable requirement for salvation. Repentance is to God and faith is to Christ Jesus that they are intimately related: with them the sin in convicted, sincerely contrite, come to God and recognize Christ as your personal savior, the only mediator and King.

Justification: The great good that Christ assure us is to have faith; which includes the justification of forgiveness of sins, attributes to God justice of Christ via faith in HIM, not taking y account any justice that has been done.

Holiness: We believe that holiness is a process according to the will of God, we are made to be participants of HIS will; it's a progressive work and it's effective by the power and the presence of the Holy Sprit in the hearts of the believers

A real Church: It's a congregation of believers in HIM, baptized after the confession of faith; united in doctrines of the gospel, committed to maintain the order in accordance with scripture; recognizing Christ like the only head taking the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice.

The Christian Baptism: The first order of The Lord. Is the immersion in water of the believer in Christ, Executed by a suitable administrator. Effectively in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Is a symbolism of the sepulture and resurrection of Christ and of the believer.

The Lord's Supper: We believe that he Lords supper is the second command and it consists of two element which are unleavened bread and wine, fruit of the vine, which represents respectively the body and the blood of Christ. the participants should be believers, baptized, they have a same doctrine and celebrate the reunion in the church, and the supper commemorate the suffering and the death of Christ until he returns.

The second coming of Christ: We believe that Christ will come again personally and visible, like a thief at the night, because we do not know nor the day nor the night nor the hour. He will come like a judge because the day of salvation should have passed.

Final Judgement: We believe that when Christ comes to the world once more he will verify the trial, that it has by object reward mankind by their works; and make the separation between the redeemed and the lost.

Heaven and Hell: we believe that there are both places that man has live eternally after this life: the redeemed shall live in heaven with Christ  and the lost in hell with the devil and his angels and its  existence, let t be heaven or hell this will be eternal