180-NSM (New Start Ministry)

Everyone Deserves a New Start

Vision/Mission of 180-NSM

The ministry of evangelism vision is fulfilling the “Great Commission” consisting of the following components: relying totally on the Lord and guidance of the Holy Spirit and declare and release the ordinances of God into the atmosphere to pave the way for effective witnessing of the Gospel.  Our mission is to equipped and trained the body of Christ to be effective in evangelism out in the city and the world.


IAR Vision

  • Evangelism (Marc 16.15): reaching individuals and their families for Jesus
  • Uniting them (Ephesians 1.5): so they can join our spiritual family
  • Worship together (Revelations 4.11): also together worship and magnify His name
  • Christian formation (2nd Corinthians 3.18): developing in them the image of Christ
  • Ministry (Ephesians 2.10): equip them for the ministry of the church, in that way bringing forth the great commission in: Springfield, Massachusetts and the World


OPERATION ANDREW (Invite a Friend Day)

What is Operation Andrew? 

The purpose of this tool is to inspire passion for evangelism.  Evangelism by itself is not a program or an event. Evangelism is an outflow of what God is doing in the hearts of His people. This must be backed with prayer. The devil will not give up its lawful captive free (Isa 49:24-25Mt 12:29Mk 3:27).  Operation Andrew was named after the disciple who introduced his brother Peter, to Jesus (John 1:41). In Operation Andrew, members distribute a simple card with a space to write one name of someone who needs salvation. People then commit to pray and invite that person to “Bring a Friend Day".  Operation Andrew Dates at IAR Springfield, 18 Salem Street, Springfield, MA

  • October 25 @ 10:00AM
  • November 29 @ 10:00AM
  • December 27 @ 10:00AM